Our pupils increasingly use mobile phones, tablets and computers on a daily basis. They are a source of fun, entertainment, communication and education. However, we know that some adults and young people will use these technologies to harm children. The harm might range from sending hurtful or abusive communications, to enticing children to engage in sexually harmful conversations, webcam photography, encouraging radicalisation or face-to-face meetings. The school’s e-safety policy explains how we aim to keep pupils safe in school which includes reasonable filters and monitoring. Cyberbullying and sexting by pupils, via texts and emails, will be treated as seriously as any other type of bullying and in the absence of a child protection concern will be managed through our anti-bullying and confiscation procedures.  


If you are worried about sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with your child on line you should contact CEOP on the image below.


We aim to provide up to date information and advice for parents and recommend they download the Safer Schools App which is available for both Apple and Android phones. Our school code is 7440.






Another useful website and App for parents is available from National Online Safety. Here parents and carers will find weekly updates, guides and webinars to support them in keeping children safe when using popular gaming and social media sites.

St John Bosco College - E-SafetyNational Online Safety | Keeping Children Safe Online in Education


Here are some examples of the guides they produce but there are many more and they are regularly updated.






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Other useful websites for parents to help keep children safe in the digital world can be found by clicking on the images below.