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Inspiring Wakefield

Primary Futures and the National Association of Head Teachers is delighted to be working together on a programme of inspiring events for children in primary schools across Wakefield. Inspiring Wakefield is connecting primary schools in the area with a huge range of volunteers from local organisations to broaden children’s horizons and show them that by working hard at school, they can be whatever they want to be.

Through national research for education we know that children are far more motivated to learn when they can see the link between learning they do in school and how this helps them in later life and the opportunities it opens up.

‘Primary Futures connects primary schools with inspirational, diverse volunteers from a range of careers, who come into school to talk to children about their jobs and show how what they are learning at school can lead to an interesting, exciting future. Our in-school activities feed children’s curiosity, break down gender stereotypes and opens their eyes to future possibilities.’

Primary Futures

Children at Martin Frobisher Infant school launched their own Primary Futures event on

Thursday 25th April 2019.

Children met a variety of volunteers who kindly gave up their own free time to come in to school to share with children props from their job/career and discuss what they do on a daily basis in their job/career.

We started the morning with an assembly where children welcomed the volunteers into our school with a great Martin Frobisher Welcome Sing along. Two volunteers bravely came to the front of the assembly for children to play a game of 'Guess the job role'.  Children asked some great questions to help discover what the volunteers jobs were.

"Do you wear a uniform..?"

"Do you work in a hospital..?"

"Do you help people get better..?" 

"Do you wear a hat..?"

"Do you drive a police car..?"

Children were fantastic and used great questioning to discover one job role was a 'Police Officer' and another a 'Radiographer'.

Volunteers then moved into a classroom where children across the whole school were split into mixed year groups, and moved around the different volunteers to hear about their job, explore the props they brought in and ask more questions about their job, what they needed to work hard with in school to do the same job when they grow up.

Children had a fantastic morning and we would like to thank the volunteers for sharing their morning with us...

Children came away really inspired and motivated for their future career goals. They all did some fantastic writing and had some brilliant conversations about what they want to be when they grow up, and some lovely reasoning's behind why.

Huge Thank you to ALL Volunteers involved!!

Here are some of the job roles that volunteers talked about and shared with our children on the morning of our event:

Make up Artist

Ballroom/Dance Teacher/Performer

Performing Arts/Acting

Science Teacher

Interior Designer

Police Officers and Riot Van


Wakefield Theatre Fundraiser 

Coming soon....

Volunteer's Comments from the day