Knowledge Organisers

At Martin Frobisher Infant School we use Knowledge Organisers in class and as part of home learning.

The Knowledge Organiser is a single sheet of paper that lists the important facts, not practical skills, that children should know by the end of a unit of work. We expect every child to learn all of this information over the course of the half term.  We will send home a copy of the knowledge organiser on Evidence Me at the end of the unit so children can share their learning with you at home.

It is also useful for children to go back to previous Knowledge Organisers and revise these so that the information from previous learning is not forgotten

Key stage one knowledge organisers - Autumn 1

 Art knowledge organiser.docxDownload
 Geography - what is our world like.pdfDownload
 History- Neil Armstrong.docxDownload
 Science - properties of materials.docxDownload
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Key stage one knowledge organisers- Autumn 2

 Dig dig dig parents.docxDownload
 History- coal mining.docxDownload
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Key stage one knowledge organisers- Spring 1

 Around the world parents.docxDownload
 History- The Titanic.docxDownload
 Music- Around the World.docxDownload
 Science- comparing habitats.docxDownload
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