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Early Reading



At Martin Frobisher Infant School we follow a synthetic approach to teaching phonics. This means we carefully teach children about the sounds individual and groups of letters make and how they are blended to form different words and support early reading and writing. We follow our own Martin Frobisher Phonics Program which is designed to ensure consistency and high outcomes for all of our children and is underpinned by the Letters and Sounds document. 

We do not use one specific reading scheme but rather we use a combination so that children have access to a variety of books, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. These include phonic based books produced by Phonics Bug and Floppy's Phonics which children will access first when they are starting to make links between letters and the sounds they make. We also use a selection of phonic based EBooks from Phonics Bug and all children are given access to these once they start with us in Reception. Our other reading books include a selection from Collins Big Cat, Oxford Reading Tree, Usborne and Bug Club. Our reading books are all levelled using the nationally recognised book banding system. Children will choose a reading book to bring home from a selection within the book band they are currently reading at as assessed by their class teacher. We feel that giving children the opportunity to choose their own reading book helps foster a love of reading and 'Reading for Pleasure'  Teachers make regular assessments of children's reading and as they move through the book bands a leaflet is sent home explaining to parents how to support children's next steps in reading through the books they will bring home.