Religious Education

Subject Leader: Mrs Steinmann-Burnell

We may all have different religions, different languages, different coloured skin, but we all belong to ONE human race.

RE Policy 2023 2024

Knowledge and Skills Progression

Overview of Strands/Big Questions

RE Big Questions Overview of Learning

At Martin Frobisher Infant School we follow the Wakefield Agreed Syllabus for RE. The syllabus explains the value and purposes of RE for all pupils, and specifies for teachers what shall be taught in each year group. It provides a coherent framework for setting high standards of learning in RE, and enabling pupils to reach their full potential in the subject.

Our RE Intent

We aim to deliver a high-quality Religious Education which will help pupils gain coherent knowledge and deep understanding of a range of religions and world views. It should inspire pupils’ curiosity to find out and know more about different religions and cultures. Teaching should equip pupils to provoke challenging questions about meaning and purpose, beliefs about God, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human. Religious Education helps pupils to understand the complexity of people’s lives locally, nationally and globally, the diversity of societies and the relationships between different groups, as well as their own identity.

Here are our Key Vocabulary Progression Pyramids for RE

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Lower Foundation - "Harvest festival - cutting the corn and then it comes out of the back."

Upper Foundation Rainbowfish - "Diwali - it's a celebration as well, we made diva lamps"

Upper Foundation Rainbowfish - "Diwali - Fireworks, there was a bad guy who was trying to hurt someone, we made diva lamps with candles"

Key Stage 1 Jellyfish - "Christians, Jesus is a Christian. Christians go to church and sing songs, they might make a speech. We celebrated Harvest Festival at church, we took food for people"

Key Stage 1 Turtles - "Christians, a Christian can be any person, they go to church, lots of celebrations. We brought food and fruits in to give to people who don't have as much as us, we celebrated Harvest Festival"

Key Stage 1 Dolphins - "Christians, a Christian is a person that celebrates Christmas. They go to church, they pray and sing songs. They celebrate Christmas, Easter and Harvest Festival. Fruits are harvested by the farmers for us to eat, we give to people who haven't got much to eat".



"this is where Jewish people go" (Synagogue)

"Because Jesus died on Friday, he came back to life on Easter Sunday to spread the love of God"

"I celebrate Christmas and Easter so I am really special"

"Jesus was the nicest person, they didn't like him for being kind"

Why do we celebrate Easter?

"because God's love is spread everywhere".

The week commencing 15th January 2023 children throughout school celebrated 'World Religion Day'. Each class looked at a different religion, found out key facts and made a creative piece of art linked to this religion. Children were excited to talk about the different religions they had looked at and show me their art work.

They started the week with an assembly to discuss the religions/festivals they already knew. Mrs Steinmann-Burnell then read the story 'Hats of Faith' to spark children's curiosity to discuss different religions/faiths and beliefs regarding different head pieces they wear.

Hats of Faith: Cohan, Medeia, Walsh, Sarah: 9781452173207:  Books

Nursery children then created their own head pieces.

Rainbowfish read the story 'Noah's ark' and discussed why there was a flood, why Noah saved the animals and why it was Noah who had to build an ark. They then created their own beautiful Noah's Ark and rainbows.

Year 1 looked further into the religion Islam and created a beautiful joint piece of ark to represent this religion and wrote 3 facts they hard learnt about Islam.

Year 2 looked further into Hinduism and the different stories relating to Hinduism. They also wrote 3 facts they had learnt.


During Autumn 1 Children celebrated Harvest Festival with EYFS children sharing their Harvest Festival Assembly with Parents and KS1 children visiting Church.

During Autumn 2 Children in Reception will be looking at the different ways others celebrate their Religion and special festivals including Diwali, Sukkot, Hannukah and Christmas.

During Spring 2022 Key Stage 1 children learnt about Islam and Christianity and compared the two religions. They were excited and enthusiastic to learn about how other people celebrate things differently. They were excited to visit two religious buildings.

Children enjoyed visiting the Markazi Jamia Mosque in Wakefield. They enjoyed finding more information about the religion Islam and how Muslim people celebrate when they go to Mosque.

“Muslim people pray to Allah, they go to a Mosque to pray and they pray 5 times a day”

“You have to take your shoes off in the Mosque so that we are clean when we go in”

(The Mosque) “had lots of mats for people to pray on”

“Muslim people wear the Hijab on their head…Muslim people celebrate Ramadan”

Children enjoyed visiting the local church - St Mary Magdalene, Altofts

They enjoyed hearing about Christian celebrations that happen in a Church. They talked about the differences between the Mosque they visited in Spring and the Church.

“The Mosque didn’t have any stained glass windows”

“When people go to a Mosque they pray 5 times a day”

“The Mosque had a mats to pray on but the church had benches”

“At church Christians have christenings”

Our learning areas within classrooms