Subject Leader: Mrs Wilson

"Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future"

Michael Palin

"Geography is the tapestry that weaves the world together"

Gil Grosvenor

Our Geography Intent

We aim to stimulate children’s interest in and encourage an appreciation of the world around us. We develop children’s understanding, knowledge and skills relating to their own environment and people who live there. Geography will introduce children to the skill of geographical enquiry and develop the skills needed to undertake geographical investigation. Children will investigate and learn about the features of their own environment and how their locality is similar to and different to another. Our curriculum aims to raise standards in communication, reading, writing and mathematics so that every child makes best progress. Geography helps children to value and celebrate diversity in culture and language. Our curriculum will ensure equal opportunity and that all children are provided with equal access to the English curriculum. We aim to provide suitable learning opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity or home background.

Geography Policy

Geography Knowledge and Skills Progression

Here are our Key Vocabulary progression pyramids for Geography

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What do our children say about geography?

"I like learning about the different places on Earth" - Maddison, year two

"I love geography!" - Ruah, year two

"I like learning about new places" - Molly, year one

"In geography, we learn about different places around the world" - Sophia, year one