Speech and Language


The development of Speech and Language underpins everything we do within the Foundation Stage. Extensive research reflects the impact that language skills can have on all other areas of learning and our staff embrace the value of our childrens words from entry to Nursery. 

Within our last years cohort, 58% of children joined us in Nursery with speech and language skills below age related expectations. At the end of the Reception year 91% had achieved an expected standard in this aspect with 45% exceeding at the age of 5 years old. 

We pride ourselves in the knowledge of our staff and the provision we have in place to target and extend the vocabulary, pronunciation and understanding of our young children. We work with parents from transition to Nursery to ensure their children have the best start possible to their school life. 

To support Speech and Language we offer...

  • ...a high quality, language rich learning environment
  • ...trained staff who are passionate to continue their continuous professional development in this aspect
  • ...a range of targeted interventions to support individual children
  • ...a successful transition process to support families on entry to our school
  • ...links with other agencies to signpost families and access additional support and resources

For more information on Speech and Language or for dates of the 'NHS Wakefield Speech and Language Drop Ins', please see any member of our friendly Foundation Stage team!


The importance of speech and language continues throughout our school. We set high expectations for vocabulary in terms of  the language and vocabulary choices our children make verbally and in writing and reading. We use our Key Vocabulary Progression pyramids to pitch the terminology and words we teach and children use throughout the curriculum. Please see individual subject ages for the vocabulary pyramids for each subject.