Sports Premium

From September 2013 the Government has provided additional funding for our school to develop PE Provision as part of the Olympic legacy. There has already been a demonstrable impact as a result of this funding; high quality training and coaching sessions are well underway in order to develop both children's and staff knowledge and skills in all aspects of PE. Children are highly positive about their experiences so far. They describe it as being 'great', 'fun' and 'cool' and are able to describe their progress in learning as a result. They confidently talk about 'step overs' in football and 'being more careful' and 'improving their forward rolls and cartwheels' in gymnastics. Teachers are proud that their delivery of PE lessons are of a very high standard. Sports leaders outside of school have commented on the  rise in interest in clubs outside of school.

Here is our Sports Premium funding plan and evaluation of outcomes for 2019-2020