Our Curriculum

The work and opportunities that we provide for children and the way this is organised and presented to them is crucial for successful learning now and in the future. As such, the curriculum is a very important part of our school. We follow the National Curriculum 2014. We review our curriculum and the themes which we teach regularly because we want children to enjoy learning because it is relevant to them, linked to current events and to be inspired and motivated to learn new skills and knowledge.

Open House

Our  ‘Open House’ sessions are an opportunity for parents or carers to come into school and spend a little time with children looking at what they have been learning and the outcomes of their work and successes. We hold our 'Open House' on the last Thursday of every half term for all classes, including Nursery. 

We hope that 'Open House' will give parents a better view of their child’s life and work at school and the progress that they are making over time. Children are also very proud to present their work and know that their learning and achievement is valued by everybody!

Creation days

To launch new themes, children in main school often have the opportunity to take part in a 'creation day'. The main aim of the creation day is to do things that we would not ordinarily be able to do in class. We often work with people who are experts in their field who can enable us all to learn something new and take us in a new direction! 

Children from all classes mix up and work together in a variety of ways and in a variety of places. They get to work in different classrooms, with different friends, teachers and visitors which really widens their horizon and helps their confidence. Creation days can focus on topics such as art, music, sport, drama to name but a few and we always aim to be ambitious, learn new skills and maybe gain a lifelong interest.

We ask children what they would really like to do or if there are activities that they would like to try but never had the chance. One example of this was our Circus creation day where children got the opportunity to try out a range of circus skills.

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