Welcome to the Turtle Class

Year 1/2 - Turtles

The teacher in Turtle class is Mrs Graham. She is supported by Mrs Reynard and Mr Warnock

The children in Turtle class follow the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum for all subjects and the Wakefield Agreed Syllabus for RE.



Inventors and Explorers

This term out topic is based around Inventors and Explorers. We will start out topic by exploring Space and the Solar System in our visiting Planetarium! 

We will be learning about:

The names and the order of the Planets in our Solar System. 

The Great Space Race.

Who has explored space. 

Neil Armstrong and Tim Peak.

The Planet's Suite by Gustav Holst.

Van Gogh's Starry Night.


We are looking forward to learning about other great explorers this term, including

Martin Frobisher!





Man on the Moon

By Simon Bartram

Have you read this story before? We have been reading this story in Turtles and using it to help us write our own Space stories. We love the pictures! We also spotted aliens on every single page!! Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone! 



 We received a letter from NASA!                                                                                                   


                                                                                                        NASA Headquarters
                                                                                                        300 E. Street SW,
                                                                                                        Washington, DC 20546
                                                                                                        Tel: (202) 358-0001


Dear Key Stage One at Martin Frobisher Infant School,

It has been brought to my attention that you have been learning about space for quite some time now. We were incredibly happy to hear about this here at NASA as it is our belief that fewer and fewer schools are learning about Space and the Solar System. In fact, during a recent survey only around 2% of children aged 5-10 years knew about Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. We are extremely concerned that if this continues, by the year 2040, no-one will have heard of or remember Neil Armstrong. Considering what a brave, intelligent and hardworking man he was, we think this is a great shame.

The reason we have written to you, is that we would very much appreciate it if you could help to keep the memory of Neil Armstrong alive and continue to teach people about the Apollo 11 Moon landing. I’m afraid we don’t have any ideas about what you could do, but we are certain that you are capable of coming up with something.

We at NASA and also Neil’s family and friends would be eternally grateful if you could do something to help this sad situation.


Kind regards,

The Education Team at NASA


We will be finding out all about Neil Armstrong so that we can make video news reports and design and make memorabilia. We don't want people to forget such an important person in History!

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