Welcome to 

Rainbow Fish Class 

Upper Foundation Stage/Reception

The teachers in Rainbow Fish are

Mrs Parkinson and Mrs Steinmann-Burnell

Our Higher Level Teaching Assistant is Mrs Broadhead

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your child’s time at school, we always have an open door and know starting school can be daunting for your child and yourself but we are here to support however we can.

The Support Staff in Rainbow fish are

Miss Morris, Mrs Jackson and Miss Brown.


MONDAY: PE Day – Please come in your PE uniform

EVERYDAY: Books – Please bring books every day - children will have books changed once a week on a Friday. These will be changed to support their phonics knowledge and skills and will be moved depending on how secure they are with a set of sounds and blending skills.

Reading - Children will take part in reading sessions 3 times a week with an adult in small focus groups.

They will focus on decoding, prosody and comprehension. 

Library - Children will visit the school library once a week on Friday to explore the many beautiful books available and choose their own favourite story to share at home. 

Our Learning Theme for Autumn 2 is...


Here is our Parent Information Sheet for weekly learning in Rainbowfish

Learning for children in Reception (Upper Foundation Stage) is planned for in line with the 7 areas of learning identified within the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

These are divided in to 3 prime areas of learning:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development

Communication and Language

And 4 specific areas of learning:



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design  

Have a look at what your child will be learning during their time at Martin Frobisher

We follow a thematic approach to learning ensuring children have a variety of learning opportunities but also ensuring all areas of learning are covered to support their development of knowledge and skills throughout the year, building upon existing knowledge from Nursery. We also follow children’s interest, throughout the day supporting children in provision with areas of learning linking to our themes but then supporting where children want to take their own learning and curiosity

Learning in Reception

Reading every day now with your child will support them with their lifelong learning


Our Themes for Maths in Autumn 2 is:


Understand the purpose of counting

develop counting skills

Understand cardinality

Develop knowledge of the composition of numbers

Understand that a whole is made of smaller parts

Books to Support Learning in Maths

Dear Zoo

The Bear in the Cave

Duck in the Truck 

Our Theme for Literacy in Autumn 2 is:


In Autumn term the children will build upon the following knowledge and skills:

Holding the pencil with the correct grip

Writing their name

Create story maps

Writing labels

Apply phonic skills for reading and writing


The following books will be read and discussed during the Autumn term to link with our Theme Celebrations!

Little Glow

Story of Rama and Sita

When's my birthday?

Come and take a look inside of our classroom!

We are proud to show your our lovely provision areas.

We are excited to see where the children take their learning….

Keep a look out for all their amazing learning on our website and school Twitter page: Martin Frobisher School Twitter