Friends of Martin Frobisher Infant School is our Parent Teacher Association. It has both a fund raising and social function. They have raised money through several events including the Christmas and Summer Fair which has enabled the school to purchase a range of fantastic resources for the children.

Meetings of FOMFIS are held regularly during the year and everyone is welcome to attend. The next meeting is on Tues 24th April 7pm.

They also have their own Facebook page to keep parents and the community updated on everything they do to support the school and the children who attend. It can be accessed at:




Monday 26th March

Egg Rolling!

This year sees the return of the ever popular Egg Rolling Contest. Every child in school will be invited to bring a decorated egg (hard boiled) to roll down our ramp and see whose can roll the farthest. There will be a prize for each class winner and one for the over all School Champion. The cost of taking part will be 50p per roll. You can roll the same egg twice but as the first roll tends to damage the egg slightly it is usually preferential to have two. Also, please keep in mind when you are designing your eggs, that they are to be rolled and any sticky out bits may slow it down.


Thursday 29th March

Easter Bonnet Parade!

Get your crafting heads on again for the annual Easter Bonnet Parade. Prizes will be up for grabs so get creative. Watch this space for times.


Super Heroes Disco

At the Brig. Date and Time TBC

If you have ever wondered what money raised at FOMFIS events is spent on then please see the images below to get an idea.